community development

We work closely with a range of community development agencies providing advice and guidance on a variety of issues and subjects. This ranges from business planning to finding the right funding strategy to grow and develop the organisation.

youth work sector

At Germinal, we can provide specifically tailored services to a wide range of specialist youth groups. We appreciate the complexity of the challenges many groups face and can provide the right support to grow and sustain organisations for many years to come.

sport & leisure sector

We have worked closely with a number of sports and leisure organisations to develop business plans and feasibility studies to deliver a diverse range of capital projects. Many of Scotland's community sports and leisure facilities do not meet the current legislative requirements around access. At Germinal, we work with our clients to develop project plans which are fit for the future and meet the needs of their communities.

regeneration companies

At Germinal, we have detailed experience working on a number of asset transfer initiatives where local authority buildings have moved over to community-based ownership. This can be an extremely complex process and one which we can help groups navigate their way through.