At Germinal Consultants we provide a wide range of services to cater for the most complex needs of our clients. We recognise that no two projects are the same and specialise in developing individual project plans to suit a wide range of needs.

Often there a many different components parts to each project where we provide significant expertise, detailed support and knowledge to achieve success.

  • Funding information & funding submissions.
  • Constitutions & appropriate legal structures.
  • Charity & company registration guidance.
  • Management committee roles & responsibilities.
  • Marketing & publicity.
  • Monitoring & evaluation.
  • School/Club development links.
  • Business development plans.
  • Feasibility briefs/studies.
  • Lease negotiations with local authority.
  • Asset transfer.
  • Relevant insurance & guidance.
  • Staff training & development.
  • Staff employment contracts.
  • Service level agreements with local authority.
  • Research & analysis.